What does the price per square foot include?

In-home measurement, template, all cut outs and other fabrications (including your choice of 5 edge profiles, delivery and basic installation).

Can I put hot things directly on my countertop? Can I cut directly on my countertop?

Although some materials can handle this, or can be repaired after abuse, we always recommend using a trivet and cutting board.

What is the recommended overhang for stools? Does it need extra support?

This depends on several variables including the type of stone, the height of the countertop, the base of the countertop and whether it has any cutouts. For the most reliable answer to this question, please see one of our countertop experts.

How thick will my countertop be?

Granite and Quartz countertops will be 3cm of solid material. Solid Surface Material countertops are 12mm thick with edges built up to 3cm.

How large can the countertop be without having any seams?

This depends on the accessibility of the job site and the size of the slab. Slab sizes vary from product to product.

Can I purchase a slab to install myself?

Our stone countertops must be installed by us.

How far away will you install a custom countertop?

Three visits will be made to your house. One to measure, one to template and one for installation. These visits are free for customers within our metro area and roughly 40 miles from the store. There is a one-time fee of $3/mile after the first 40 miles.

What additional fees are there?

Tear outs of existing tops, plumbing disconnect/reconnect, electrical disconnect/reconnect, and any other customer work as needed.

How long will it take for my countertop to be installed?

Typical turn-around time from template to installation is 2 weeks. Please be aware that material availability, special order product and changes to an estimate based on field measure may increase the length of time between the template and the installation.


Granite is a natural material and can include small pits, fissures, color and polish variations. These characteristics are not considered to be flaws and can be expected.